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Lionel Messi started playing football when he was 5. His football career started when he was 13, and went to Barcelona's youth academy. He started professinally when he was around 19.

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Q: When did Lionel Messi start his football career?
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When did Lionel messi start playing football?

Lionel Messi joined Barcelona as a 12 year old boy.

When did Messi start his carrier?

Lionel messi started his proffesional career in the 2003-2004 season.

When did Lionel messi start to play football?

I think he was 12 years.

Why did Lionel messi start to play football?

He started playing football with Barcelona feeders team

How many assists messi Argentina?

Since his start in 2005, Lionel Messi of Argentina has had a career total of 113 assists. He plays the position of forward for soccer, otherwise known as football.

When did messi start his football career?

17 years old

How did Lionel messi start his journey?


When Lionel messi start to play soccer?

In 1969

When did messi Lionel start to play in the team of Barcelona?


How did Lionel messi start his soccer career?

he won the Barcelona youth academy at the age of 19 and he was chosen to go to final championship finals to play with other countries

What exact year did Lionel messi start playing soccer with Barcelona?

Messi started playing with Barcelona when he was 14 he was in the youth team.

When did messi become famous?

I think Lionel Messi became famous when he moved in FC Barcelona. After Lionel Messi moved in Barcelona and start playing in starting 11 players he became well known, because he was too young to play in this club.

With which Football team did Wayne Rooney start his football career?


When did Messi start playing soccer?

there are clips on youtube of messi playing football at the age of 7/8 so before then i imagine

What football players start with the letter m?

messi, maradona, mccaan, miller, mascherano.

When did the huskers start there football career?

They started in 1890.

What is the motivation how did Lionel Messi start his journey?

his dad said if he didnt he would beat him up! Thats what my teacher said. :) Hope this awnsers your question!

Where did Messi start playing at?

When he was five he started playing football for Grandoli, a local club in Rosario in Argentina, where he lived.

When did Zinedine Zidane start playing football?

He started his youth career in 1982 and moved on to professional football in 1988

What is messi early life like?

In terms of Lionel Messi, He was diagnosed with a bone disease which meant that he wasn't going to grow properley. His parents were faced witha HUGE medical bill, but because Barcelona had been interested in him they paid for the surgery. In return Lionel Messi signed a contract. He became their youngest ever player to start at the Nou Camp. And in terms of messy, as in making mess, ummm... I guess messy?

When did Tom Brady start his career?

Brady's pro football career began in 2000 when the New England Patriots drafted him

Is it too late start playing football at the age of 17?

Yes as by this age you will have a short career.

Did Messi started his career with Valencia?

No he didn't start in Valencia. When he was little he started in the primary teams of Argentina. The team was called Newells Old Boys. In his pro career, he was in Barcelona and he is cuurently still in Barcelona.

Is it too late to start playing football at age 21?

Not realy you can start at 21 years but your career will be short , with more injuries.

What team did Larry Fitzgerald start his football career with?

Arizona Cardinals 4th pick 2004 draft.