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Q: When did Lewis hamilton start racing?
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Related questions

What is Lewis Hamilton's occupation?

Lewis Hamilton is a/an Racing driver

How did Lewis Hamilton start racing?

He was a karter and he got spotted and sponsored

How rich is Lewis Hamilton?

As of 2014, Lewis Hamilton is $200 million dollars rich. Lewis Hamilton is best known for his career in racing.

What height is Lewis Hamilton racing car driver?

Lewis Hamilton is 1.74 Meters tall.

When did Lewis Hamilton last race?

Lewis Hamilton is still racing in the 2012 Formula 1 Season

Who was Lewis Hamilton named after?

f1 racing

How rich is Lewis?

As of 2014, Lewis Hamilton is $200 million dollars rich. Lewis Hamilton is best known for his career in racing.

How long has Lewis Hamilton been in f1?

Lewis Hamilton started racing for Formula One in 2007 and its now 2012, so Hamilton has been racing for 5 years.

What type of racing car does Lewis hamilton race with?

He is a McLaren driver.

Who is the fastest racing driver in world?

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

How old was Lewis Hamilton when he started racing?

13 years old

When did Lewis Hamilton start the Grand Prix?

Lewis hamilton won his 1st F1 Championship in 2008.

Does Lewis hamilton have children?

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a famous F1 racing driver from England. He has no children nor was ever married. However, he is dating singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Did Lewis hamalton go boxing?

Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula One racing driver from England, currently racing for the McLaren team. And i don't think so he would go for Boxing..

Who is the most famous formula 1 racing driver?

Lewis hamilton, ayaton senna or Michael shumacher

What is Lewis Hamilton's full name?

Lewis Hamilton's full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

What is the birth name of Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton's birth name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

Who is the current world champion racing driver in formula one?

Lewis Hamilton, of Great Britain, with McLaren Mercedes.

When did Bobby Hamilton Racing end?

Bobby Hamilton Racing ended in 2008.

When was Bobby Hamilton Racing created?

Bobby Hamilton Racing was created in 1996.

Is Lewis Hamilton related to Anthony Hamilton?

Anthony Hamilton is Lewis Hamilton's dad and former manager

Has Lewis hamilton always liked racing?

Yes, he has always had a passion for racing. He used to race go karts from a very young age, and those who watched him knew he had the talent.

How Tall Is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is 1.74m tall.

What country does Lewis Hamilton come from?

Lewis Hamilton is from the UK

When is Lewis Hamilton's birthday?

Lewis Hamilton was born on January 7, 1985

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