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never its imposible Kobe is terrible

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:58:11
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Q: When did Kobe score 81 points?
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What was the most point Kobe score?

81 points

When did Kobe score 83 points?

January 22nd 2006 Kobe Bryant scored 81 points.

Did Kobe score 80 points in a game?

no he didn't score 80....he scored 81

What team did Kobe score 81 points against?

Toronto Raptors

Did Kobe Bryant score 81 points in one game?

Yes he did.

How many did Kobe Bryant score in one game?

81 points

How many times did kobe score 81 points in a game?


Who did Kobe Bryant score 81 points against in 2006?

The Toronto Raptors

When did Kobe Bryant score 81 points against the Raptors?

Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Raptors in January 22, 2006 in STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, California

What is the highest score in an NBA game?

Kobe Bryant with 81 points against the huston rockets

What was kobe's highest score ever in a game?

81 points against the portland trail blazers

Did Kobe score 81?


What year did Kobe score 81?


What was Kobe Bryants highest score in basketball?

Kobe Bryant's highest scoring game was 81 points against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006.

What is the highest points Kobe scored?


Who scored 81 points?

Kobe Bryant

What was the most points Kobe has scored?


How many points did Kobe Bryant score on January 22 2006 in NBA?

January 22, 2006 was the night Kobe scored 81 against the Toronto Raptors.

How many points did Kobe score in his 666 game?

He scored 81 against the raptors kinda weird isn't it he is a devil worshiper

How many points did Kobe Bryant score the most in a single game?

81 on Jan. 22, 2006 against the Toronto Raptors

What the most point Kobe ever had?

81 points

Is Kobe Bryant the youngest player to score 25000 points?

Yes Kobe Bryant is the youngest player in the NBA to score 25000 points.

Who made the most points in Laker history?

Kobe bryant 81 points

What is Kobe Bryant high score?

Jan 22, 2006 ... Kobe Bryant tallied 81 points against the Raptors in a 122-104 Lakers win. 2nd best in NBA history

Highest points scored by Kobe in a single game?

His career high is 81 points.