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2011-02-28 21:14:57
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Q: When did Kobe Bryant move back to the US from Italy?
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When did Kobe Bryant family move to Italy?

They didn't.

What month did Kobe Bryant move to Italy?

He moved to Italy when he was six.

When did Kobe Bryant move to Italy?

at age 6 he moved to Italy

When did Kobe move to Italy?

He never did

Did Kobe Bryant grew in a rich or a poor family?

Comparing to ordinary black people in the US, Kobe's family is comparably rich and he had the chance to spend some of his childhood in Italy. Due to his father's move to continue his basketball career there.

Where did Kobe move to?

Halifax, Nova Scotia then several months later to Rome, Italy

Kobe byrant the best?

First Micheal Jordan is the best Long time ago..but today Kobe is the next Air fly ..Micheal Jordan give his move to Kobe Brayant when Kobe come to the NBA. Micheal Jordan knows that Kobe is the Man.which is today he Represent the most famous NBA player today

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If there are children involved, I advise you to divorce in US after you re-establish residency.....or you may be stuck in Italy as the home state of the children and be unable to move back here....

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becuase they like it

Where did christopher Columbus move when he was a young kid?

he was born in Italy and then move to Spain.

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Unless you are going to move there or move her here you cant.

How do you do a 360 dunk in nba 2k10?

first u have 2 update your ps3 then after that jus put yo person packages on either Jason richardson, flight white, Kobe Bryant, or j.r. smith and then when ur about 2 dunk move the right analog stick 2 the left and u will do the 360 dunk

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