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1976 in the

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Q: When did Kerry packer decide to invent World Series cricket?
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Why did Kerry packer become famous?

he got his inheritage from his fatherHe was known for Media interests and World Series Cricket.

How many overs was in an innings in World Series Cricket created by Kerry Packer in Australia in the 1970s?

I believe that the world series is a 50 over game!!!

Who was Kerry Packer?

Kerry Packer was an Australian media tycoon. He is most commonly known for inventing World Series Cricket. He brought about a series of changes in cricket by making it more appealing to the audience. He introduced coloured dresses, helmets, cricket under lights, field restrictions etc. Most importantly he drove home the lesson that cricket was a marketable game with a potential to earn huge revenues.

Who introduced the one-day international cricket?

Kerry Packer

How did Kerry packer changed the game of cricket?

By Getting with Ponting...yeww ;)

What nicknames did Kerry Packer go by?

Kerry Packer went by The Prince of Whales ('whale' is Australian slang for a high-stakes gambler).

What has the author Henry Blofeld written?

Henry Blofeld has written: 'The Packer affair' -- subject(s): Cricket 'Cricket Duels Under the Sun' 'An Evening with Blowers' 'Cricket in three moods' -- subject(s): Cricket, History 'Best of Blowers'

Why to packer fans wear cheeseheads?

Most people don't know who was the first to actually invent the cheese head was Sufferling who found a chunk of a seat cushion and therfore inspired him to invent the cheesehead.

What is a hinky-pinky for who packages wafers?

a cracker packer

What is the birth name of Tina Packer?

Tina Packer's birth name is Christina Packer.

What is the birth name of Kerry Packer?

Kerry Packer's birth name is Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer.

Who won the 1979 ashes?

It was actually the 1978-1979 series England won. The result was 5-1. That's unusual, 6 test matches! The series was affected by the Kerry Packer thing.