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Kenny Dalglish returned to Liverpool as the manager in January 2011.

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Q: When did Kenny daglish rejoin Liverpool?
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How many goals did Kenny Daglish score against Liverpool?

Kenny Daglish never played a competitive game against Liverpool in his career.

Is Kenny daglish the Liverpool manager?

No. The team sacked him in 2012, April.

Who is the best football manager?

king kenny daglish for liverpool is the best

Who has played for Liverpool and won the premiership?

Kenny Daglish Paul Ince Nicolas Anelka ? ?

Four players who have played for Liverpool and have won the premarship title?

Kenny daglish,anelka, paul ince and ?Kenny daglish,Kevin Keegan;Gerome Souness;Ian Rush this is wrong

Is everton better than Liverpool?

Yes Everton are better in my opinionNo because Liverpool now has the one and only Kenny Daglish.

How many former Liverpool footballers have won the English Premiership with their former clubs?

Nicolas anelka,Kenny daglish,paul ince

Who was the first king of soccer?

Kenny Daglish.

Who was Stevens's role model?

Kenny daglish

Who was Steven Gerrard's role model?

Kenny daglish

What year did Kenny daglish leave Liverpool?

He left as a player in 1990 and rejoined as the manager in 1985 (being player and manager at the same time). He then left the managerial spot in 1991 until 2011 where he is Liverpool FC's current manager.

Who was liverpools best player?

Robbie Folwer, Kenny Daglish or Steven Gerrard

Who was blackburn football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny Daglish!

When will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish as manager in mid 2012.

When was Kenny Dalglish the Captain of Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1979 and 1979.

List of managers to win the premiership?

Alex Ferguson Kenny Daglish Arsene Wenger Jose Mourihno

Who manages Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish.

Who was the most famous football player in the eighties?

either of these 3 . Kenny Daglish . Ian Rush . Bryan Robson

Is Kenny dalglish is permanent coach of Liverpool?

Kenny and the owners of Liverpool have agreed a contract after a few years if Liverpool are doign well they will agree on a new contract if not they will terminate the contract or sack him

When was Ben Daglish born?

Ben Daglish was born in 1966.

When was Robert Daglish born?

Robert Daglish was born in 1777.

When did Robert Daglish die?

Robert Daglish died in 1865.

When was Ian Daglish born?

Ian Daglish was born in 1952.

Who is the Current manager for Liverpool FC?

Kenny Dalglesh

Most successful Liverpool players?

Kenny Dalgish