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never they were always here


After the 1984-85 season, the Kansas City Kings moved to Sacramento

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the answer is in 1985 the Sacramento Kings moved from Kansas City to Sacramento, Ca

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Q: When did Kansas City Royals become Sacramento kings?
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What sports teams begin with k?

Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Kansas City Royals (MLB), Kings - Los Angeles Kings (NHL) and Kings - Sacramento Kings (NBA) are sports teams. They begin with the letter K.

What were the Sacramento Kings orignially called?

the Franchise's nickname had always been The Royals, but when the franchise moved from Cincinnati to Kansas City in 1972, they were renamed the Kings because Kansas City already had the Royals baseball team. The basketball team agreed to change its nickname, even though it had used the name for 25 years before the baseball team was established.

Where did the Kings play prior to Sacramento?

The Kings began play in 1945 as the Rochester Royals. They moved to Cincinnati in 1957, then to Kansas City in 1972 and were renamed the Kings. They split home games between Kansas City and Omaha before finally settling solely in Kansas City in 1975. The move to Sacramento was made in 1985. They are now the Sacramento Kings.

What are some words starting with K associated with the word 'team'?

· Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) · Kansas City Royals (MLB) · Kings - Los Angeles Kings (NHL) · Kings - Sacramento Kings (NBA)

What sports team starts with the letter K?

Sports teams that begin with the letter K:Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)Kansas City Royals (MLB)Kings - Los Angeles Kings (NHL)Kings - Sacramento Kings (NBA)

What was the original name for the Sacramento Kings?

The Kings franchise entered the NBA in 1948 as the Rochester Royals.

How many times have the Sacramento Kings won the NBA championship?

If you mean exactly the name Sacramento Kings, then the answer is no. But if you mean everything that is related with this club, so the answer is yes. In 1950-1951 Rochester Royals have won NBA title. Later team changed to Cincinatti Royals, Kansas City Royals, and finally Sacramento Kings.

When has Cincinnati ever had an NBA or NHL team?

Cincinnati Royals NBA now known as Sacramento Kings

What current NBA franchise was once known as the Cincinnati Royals?

The current Sacramento Kings franchise played in Cincinnati and were known as the Royals between 1957-1972.

Did Kansas City ever have a pro basketball team?

Yes! The Kansas City Kings from 1972-1985 then they relocated to Sacramento.

Is there a sport that starts with K?

a basket ball team New York Knicks

Did the NBA kings win a playoff?

The Sacramento Kings franchise has one NBA Championship. They won it in 1951, but were located in Rochester, NY and were called the Rochester Royals at the time.