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The Hall of Fame quarterback played with the Denver Broncos from 1983 to 1998.

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Q: When did John Elway play for the Denver Broncos?
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Who did john elway play for?

Denver Broncos

What year did John Elway play for the Denver Broncos?


Did John Elway ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. John Elway played his entire career for the Denver Broncos.

What teams did John Elway play in the all of his super bowl?

Denver Broncos

What team john elway play in his last Super Bowl?

John Elway played with the Denver Broncos to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

What is john elway known for?

Being the greatest player to ever play for the Denver Broncos.

Did John Elway play for anyother nfl team?

John Elway was first drafted by the Baltimore colts then went to the Denver broncos for the rest of his career

Who is oldest qb to play in Super Bowl?

It is John Elway with the Denver Broncos at age 38 in 1998.

What teams did John Elway play for?

John Elway's career spanned 2 seasons (1983-1998), with the Boltimore colts and 14 seasons with the Denver Broncos.

Who was the oldest quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?

John Elway of the Denver Broncos age 38 in Super Bowl XXXIII.

Who did john elway play for other then the broncos?


What year did John Elway start with the Denver Broncos?

John Elway's first season with the Broncos was 1983. John Elway was drafted by the Baltimore Colts after attending Stanford University. He said he would refuse to play for the Colts so they traded him to the Denver Broncos. In 1983, John began the season as a second string quarterback. John was not really a good quarterback, but began to gain more respect for his team after winning a game in the fourth quarter.

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