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Q: When did Jason Kidd play for the phoenix suns?
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What teams did Jason kidd play for?

suns nets mavs

What is Jason Kidd's best stats?

Jason Kidd's best stats for a single game probably came on December 7, 2006 with the Nets. In that game against the Phoenix Suns he scored 38 points, 14 assists, and 14 rebounds.

Best game of Jason kidd?

The best game of Jason Kidd's NBA career arguably came on December 7, 2006. In that double-overtime game against the Phoenix Suns, the New Jersey Nets' Kidd scored 38 points, dished 14 assists, and grabbed 14 rebounds.

How many teams did Jason Kidd play on and what teams are they?

Four, the Dallas Mavericks for three years, the Phoenix Suns for five years, the New Jersey Nets for seven seasons, and back to the Dallas Mavericks for the past two years

Is Jason Richardson satisfied with the Phoenix Suns?

Yes, but he was traded

Which teams has basketball player Jason Kidd played for?

Jason Kidd played for the following teams: Dallas Mavericks (1994 - 1996), Phoenix Suns (1996 - 2001), New Jersey Nets (2001 - 2008), Dallas Mavericks (2008 - 2012), New York Knicks (2012 - 2013).

Does shaquille o Neal play for the phoenix suns?

He used to play for the Suns.

What year did Dan Majerle play for the Phoenix What year did dan Maje rle play for the phoenix suns?

in 1988 Dan Majerle played for the phoenix suns

Who does Vince carter play for?

phoenix suns.

Where do the Suns play in basketball?

Phoenix, Arionza

Where do the Phoenix Suns play?

US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Who did the Phoenix Suns play in the 1976 NBA Finals?

1976 Phoenix Suns 2-4 Boston Celtics

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