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American Football Japan hosted in 2007 IFAF World cup. In soccer japan hosted the FIFA world cup with Korea in 2002

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Q: When did Japan host the football World Cup?
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Which football team won the world cup in 2002?

The Brazil National Football Team won the FIFA World Cup in 2002. The host countries in 2002 were South Korea and Japan.

Who were the last 5 countries to hold football world cup?

The last five countries to host the world cup are Germany, Japan , France, U.S.a and Italy.

How many times has Japan won the football World Cup?

Japan has never won the football world cup.

Which country will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup Football?

Russia will host the 2018 world cup.

Does the host nation get to name the football of the world cup?

does the host nation in footballs world cu get to name the football

Which host country had to qualify for Football World Cup?

Host countries automatically qualify for the World Cup when hosting it.

Who will host 2019 rugby world cup?

Japan will host this event

How many times has japan won the world cup?

Japan has never won the football world cup.

What year did japan host world cup?


Which host football team won the football world cup first?


Which country will host next football world cup?

The 2014 world cup will be held in Brazil.

Has japan been in football World Cup?

Yes japan have been to the world cup. They even hoisted the world cup along with S/ Korea in 2002.