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Jackie Robinson played his final MLB game on October 10, 1956.

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Q: When did Jackie Robinson stop playing baseball?
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Why did Jackie Robinson stop playing baseball?


At what age does reviving baseball in inner cities stop at?

when did Jackie Robinson stop playing baseball

What was Jackie Robinson's position in baseball?

second base, stort stop, and first base he played them all for a little bit

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Jackie Robinson playing at short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1953?

Jackie Robinson played in just one game at short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1953 and did not start. He made 2 putouts, had 3 assists, and committed no errors, equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in). He had no double plays.

Why was Jackie Robinson a good hero?

Yes because he was the the first person who stop the violence

How did Jackie Robinson stop segregation?

He was the was the first black baseball player so black people can play. However, Martin Luther King stoped the rest of segregation.

When did reggie Jackson start playing baseball?

When did Reggie Jackson stop playing professional baseball?

What famous thing did Jackie Robinson do for African-Americans?

Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play major league baseball. This was a precedent because no black people had ever played major league baseball before him. Not only was he the first black man to play in the majors, he was a phenomenal player. Hope this answers your question. this phonomenal player played baseball and let people throw things at him and call him bad names and he didnt let thet stop for that i call him a hero.

Did Jackie Robinson play short stop?

Jackie Robinson played all four infield positions, and also played left, and right Field. He broke into the Majors as a first baseman (all of 1947) but played most of his career as a second baseman. He played one game at Shortstop.

Who stood up for Jackie Robinson?

Pee Wee Reese put his shoulder around Robinsons shoulder Eddy Stanky told veryone to stop.

Why did Barry Bonds stop playing baseball?

Barry Bonds was forced to stop playing baseball. He was charged with taking steroids. He was also charged with lying about the usage of the drugs.

When did Lou Gehrig stop playing baseball?

because he had A.L.S

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