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Q: When did India reach the final of Davis cup for the first time?
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When did India reach the finals of Davis cup?

India reached the finals of the Davis Cup in 1966, 1974 and 1987. However, they have never won the Davis Cup.

Who is the first female to reach mount Everest of India?

The first female to reach Mount Everest of India was Arunima Sinha.

Who were the first foreigners to reach India by Sea?


The first European country to reach India was?

it was Portugal

Will India reach the final of world cup 2011?

Yes they reached it and also won the world cup.

Which nation was the first to reach the country of India?

Arguably, the ancient kingdom of Macedon (modern day Greece) was the first nation to reach India, as Alexander the Great conquered some lands today a part of western India.

First portuguese man to reach India in 1948?


Who was the first European to reach India?

Alexander 327 C.E.

Who was the first European to reach India and where was he from?

Marco Polo, he was from Croatia

E first European country to reach India was?

In 1498,portugual was the first European country which reached to India.

Who was the first group to get to the final of The X Factor UK?

G4 were the first group to reach an X Factor final in series 1.

Who is the first Britisher who visited India?

it was Robert Collins to reach at the mugal court of India he was first british to reach to India in December 31