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FPL Group, 1999, chief financial officer; 1999-2000, president, FPL Energy; 2001-2002, president and chief executive officer; 2002-, president, chief executive officer, and chairman.

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Q: When did Hay become president and chief executive officer?
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What did Hammergren do from 1999 to 2002?

executive vice president as well as president and chief executive officer of supply management; 1999-2001, president and co-chief executive officer; 2001-, president and chief executive officer; 2002-, president, chairman, and chief executive officer.

The president is considered the chief executive?

Yes, the president is the chief executive officer of the United States government.

What title refers to the president as manager of the executive branch?

Chief executive or chief executive officer (CEO).

Which part of the government is the president part of?

The President is chief executive officer of the Executive Branch.

Who shall the executive powers be invested in?

The President is the chief executive officer.

The current chief executive officer of the us?

The President

What executive positions did Harad hold from 1991 to 1995?

1991-1994, president and chief operating officer; 1994-1995, president and chief executive officer; 1995, chairman of the board of directors; 1995-, chairman and chief executive officer.

What is the title of the chief executive?

There are different titles for the chief executive. In some countries the chief executive is call president. In many companies, he or she is called the chief executive or chief executive officer.

Who is the Chief executive officer and the chief financial officer?

Chief Executive Officer

What are the three jobs of the president?

Chief executive officer, Chief of State, and Commander in chief.

When did John Browne become chief financial officer of British Petroleum?

in April 1986 making Browne chief financial officer and executive vice president of the company.

What positions has Carlos Ghosn held at Nissan Motors?

1999-2000, chief operating officer; 2000-2001, president; 2001-, president and chief executive officer; Renault Corporation, 2005-, chief executive officer.

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