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Gregor mendel conducted his experiments that were of greater significance between the years of 1856 and 1863.

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Gregor Mendel conducted his experiments on pea plants in the mid-19th century, between 1856 and 1863. His work laid the foundation for the field of genetics.

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Q: When did Gregor Mendel conduct his experiments?
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Gregor Mendel's studies of heredity enable him to conduct controlled experiments?

Yes, they did.

What did Mendel used for his experiments?

Gregor Mendel used pea plants for his hereditary experiments

What other experiments did Gregor Mendel do?

you tell me

What animals did Gregor Mendel carry experiments on?

In Cows

What was the aim of Gregor Mendel?

The aim of Gregor Mendel was to prove the laws of inheritance through his experiments with the breeding of pea plants.

Did Gregor Mendel use animals in his experiments?

Mendel studied plant inheritance.

What did Gregor Mendel do involving astronomy?

He looked at the stars. Mendel is known for his experiments and research in plant genetics.

Who is G Mendel?

Gregor Mendel is a famous scientist known for experiments with genetics. One of his famous experiments was with pea plants He is known as the father of genetics.

Why do we call Mendel the Father of Genetics?

Gregor Mendel discovered how genes were passed on from parent to offspring through his experiments.

Who was gregor Mendel and what experimants is he famous for?

He is the father of genetics. He is famous for his experiments with peas.

Where was Gregor Mendel living?

Gregor Mendel studied heredity and is called the Father of Genetics. He conducted his experiments in the gardens of an Augustinian monastery in Brno, Austria.

Who experimented with thousands of pea plants to understand the process of heredity?

Gregor Mendel experimented with pea plants in order to understand how gene expression functions.Gregor Mendel was the person who used Pea plant in his experiments and formulated basic principals of heredity from 1854 to 1865 .He is called father of genetics .