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After leaving Wales as head coach he went to be the defensive coach of the Blues in the Super 12. In 2003 he was appointed head coach of the New Zealand team

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2003/04 season

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Q: When did Graham Henry become the all black coach?
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What is the name of the all black coach?

Graham Joseph Henry

Who is the currant all black coach?

Graham Henry plus other forward and back coaches. Henry is the head coach.

Who was all black coach in 1975?

Graham Henry. Also known as the 'trophy hunter'.

All Blacks Coach Graham Henry is acting like a What?


Who was the first black hockey coach?

NHL Dirk. Graham

Who is the coach of the rugby hurricans Wellington nz?

Stephen Kearney. He is a former Kiwis captain and is assistant coach for the Melbourne Storm NRL team.

Which sports coach was officially knighted at a ceremony in wellington last week?

Graham Henry

How did Graham Henry fell like when he got to coach the all blacks?

felt bad *rofl

Who is head coach of New Zealand rugby union?

Graham Henry

When did otto graham coach for the coast guard academy?

He was head football coach at the Coast Guard Academy from 1959 through 1965, when he left to become head coach of the NFL's Washington Redskins. He returned to the Coast Guard Academy in 1970 as Director of Athletics, retiring in 1985.

Who is the cricket coach of Sri Lanka?

Graham Ford of South Africa is the present cricket coach of Sri Lanka.

What is former Arsenal manager George Graham doing now?

Coach of aberdeen