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Ryan Giggs is the most decorated player in the history of English premier league and arrived the Arena at Old Traford on the 7th of November 1985 as a very young boy with lots of talent he has the highest appearances off all times in English football

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Ryan Giggs joined Manchester United in 1990

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Q: When did Giggs join Manchester United?
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How long has Ryan giggs played for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has been with Manchester United for 25 years

When did Ryan Giggs sign for Manchester United?

ryan giggs signed in 1991

What does Ryan Giggs hate?

Ryan giggs hates Manchester united players

Who is the vice captain of Manchester united now?

Manchester united vice captain is it giggs

What team does Ryan giggs play for?

Manchester United

What team did Ryan giggs support?

Manchester united

Famous soccer player beginning with a 'g'?

Giggs. Ryan Giggs. Giggs is his last name. He plays in Manchester United.

Where does Ryan Giggs play for Manchester United?

he plays as a winger

Who is the Manchester united penalty taker?

i am thinkin Ryan giggs

Who is the player who has played the most games for Manchester united?

Ryan giggs

Who is the Manchester united limited addition in match attaks?

Ryan giggs

Most appearances for Manchester United?

Ryan Giggs - 776 appearances