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Freestyle Street Soccer happened in 2004.

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Q: When did Freestyle Street Soccer happen?
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When was Freestyle Street Soccer created?

Freestyle Street Soccer was created on 2004-02-06.

When did Back Street Soccer happen?

Back Street Soccer happened in 1996.

What are all of the kinds of football?

There is 5 a Side Football, futsal, beach soccer, Indoor soccer, street soccer, freestyle football. There is also paralympic football for people with disabilities.

When was FreeStyle Street Basketball created?

FreeStyle Street Basketball was created on 2009-02-01.

When did Freestyle MetalX happen?

Freestyle MetalX happened in 2003.

How do you changed controls urban freestyle soccer?

Changing the controls on Urban Freestyle Soccer is considered a cheat code. Shortcuts and cheat codes are by consensus considered unethical. For some games, they can result in being locked out.

What is FSSB?

that is freestyle street basketball.

When did Big Air Freestyle happen?

Big Air Freestyle happened in 2002.

When did Razor Freestyle Scooter happen?

Razor Freestyle Scooter happened in 2001.

How do you cheat in freestyle street basketball?


When is Freestyle Street Basketball 2 coming out?

FreeStyle Street Basketball 2 is officially starting tonight with beta testing, May 14th 2014. Check out to sign up!

What are the buttons for the net buster for urban freestyle soccer?

To do a NETBUSTER in Urban freestyle soccer, first hold down CTRL + SHIFT and Press and of these buttons S, A, W, D. Don't forget to try their combinations.

When was Back Street Soccer created?

Back Street Soccer was created in 1996.

What is Freestyle Street Basketballs email?

Is there a mac version of freestyle street basketball 2?


What can you use a bmx bike for?

freestyle, dirt, street

What are the release dates for Street Soccer Brazil in the Street - 2006?

Street Soccer Brazil in the Street - 2006 was released on: USA: 2006

What sports item can Ronaldinho freestyle with?

The Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho can freestyle with a football (soccer ball for Americans). He can weave and bounce it in intricate ways around his body.

Are there any street soccer leagues?

There is no professional street soccer league, as for, the sport is more of a pastime.

When is Freestyle Street Basketball 2 in Philippines coming out?


When freestyle street basketball will have 5v5?

USA freestyle is closed down and the release date from fssb2 is unknow. the website for fssb 2 is

What are some cool freestyle soccer nicknames?

kicky! whacker! assassin! goober ..... ect

What soccer games are for the original xbox?

fifa 07, fifa street, fifa street 2, sega soccer slam. thats all i have. soccer slam and street 1 are my faves but i like arcade soccer. fifa 07 is solid and has more realism.

How can download freestyle street ball 2?

just step on your computer

What is the primary difference between traditional soccer and freestyle soccer?

Freestyle soccer has been around since 1900 but has recently seen an increase in popularity. It is the art of using your body to perform tricks with the soccer ball. One of the tricks are sitting down and using your legs to keep the ball aloft. It can exist on its own or as a part of a traditional soccer game. The traditional game focuses on teamwork and standard moves such as kicking or using your head to hit the ball.