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2010 when the Colts lossed 31-17 against New Orleans.

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Final play of Super Bowl XXXIV happened in 1999.

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Q: When did Final play of Super Bowl XXXIV happen?
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How many time did the rams go to the Super Bowl?

The Rams appeared in Super Bowl XIV (14), XXXIV (34,) and XXXVI (36) . They won Super bowl XXXIV. They Super bowl lost XIV XXXVI.

Where was Super Bowl XXXIV held?

The 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV played on January 30, was played at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta Georgia.

Who was the St. Louis Super Bowl coach?

Super Bowl XXXIV: Dick Vermeil Super Bowl XXXVI: Mike Martz

How many times have the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl?

Once. Super Bowl XXXIV

How many Super Bowl rings does Kurt Warner have?

Kurt Warner has one Super Bowl ring. He was the MVP in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Who was the coach of the New England Patriots in super bowl XXXIV?

The Patriots did not play in Super Bowl XXXIV. That was the Rams and Titans. The PAtriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI, against the Rams, Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers, and Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles. Bill Belichick was coach for all of these.

Who paid in Super Bowl XXXIV?

Rams vs titans

What year did Torry Holt play in super bowl?

Torry Holt played in the Super Bowl twice. 1999, Super Bowl XXXIV 2001, Super Bowl XXXVI

What Super Bowl were no interceptions thrown?

As of Super Bowl XLII, there have been two Super Bowls without interceptions ... Super Bowl XXV between the Giants and Bills and Super Bowl XXXIV between the Rams and Titans.

How many super bowls has rod woodson been in?

3 .... Super Bowl XXX with the Steelers, Super Bowl XXXIV with the Ravens, and Super Bowl XXXVII with the Raiders.

What Super Bowl is xxxiv?

Super Bowl XXXIV was Super Bowl 34. It occurred on January 30th, 2000 at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia. The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23 - 16. Kurt Warner was named the MVP.

What is the good things Kurt Warner did?

4 time pro bowl selection 2 time nfl mvp 2 time first team all-pro super bowl mvp (XXXIV) super bowl champion (XXXIV)