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Never won.

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Q: When did England football team win european cup?
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How many times have England football team won the European cup?

England have never won the European Championships. Their best performance was semi-finals in 1996.

How many times did England won European world cup?

This question is mixed up. England has won the football "World Cup" just once, in 1966. England has never won a football European Cup.

Which team in England not from the first division won in European Cup?

the team is Ipswich Town and she win in UEFA Cup in 1981 Ipswich were a first division team when they won the UEFA Cup. No Team has ever won a European Cup while in the second tier of Football. Notts Forests won the European Cup in 1979 and 1980 and subsequentley were relegated to the 2nd Division in 1992-93. As far as I know they are the only Team in European to have won a European Cup and been relegated to the Third Teir of English Football in 2004-2005

Which team has most European cup in football?

Real Madrid

Which European host football won the world cup first?


Which English football team won the 1971 European cup winners cup?


Who were the first british football team to win the European cup?


Which football team won 1980 European cup?

Nottingham Forest.

Which English football team first won the European cup?

Manchester united

Who was the first European football team to win the world cup?

Italy in 1934

First british football team to win European cup?

Celtic F.C. were the first British club to win the European cup in 1967

Who managed the England football team when they won the world cup?

It was sir Ramsey.

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