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Emlyn Hughes International Soccer happened in 1988.

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Q: When did Emlyn Hughes International Soccer happen?
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When was Emlyn Hughes International Soccer created?

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer was created in 1988.

What is the birth name of Emlyn Hughes?

Emlyn Hughes's birth name is Emlyn Walter Hughes.

When was Emlyn Hughes House created?

Emlyn Hughes House was created in 2008.

When was Emlyn Hughes the Captain of Liverpool?

Emlyn Hughes was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1973 and 1979.

When was Emlyn Hughes born?

Emlyn Hughes was born on August 28, 1947, in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England, UK.

Which footballer is known as Crazy Horse?

Emlyn Hughes

What nicknames does Merv Hughes go by?

Emlyn Hughes went by Crazy Horse.

Name a player who has won the European cup uefa cup super cup and has played for 5 English clubs?

Emlyn Hughes

Who is the greatest Liverpool defender of all time?

I wonder if a certain Mr Hansen has an opinion on this one. Emlyn Hughes is a contender. 'Crazy Horse' was a favourite of the Kop.

What actors and actresses appeared in Box Clever - 1986?

The cast of Box Clever - 1986 includes: Emlyn Hughes as Himself - Host Sue Kingsman as Herself - Presenter

Who are Liverpool's European Cup winning captains?

Emlyn Hughes x2 1977 & 1978, Phil Thompson 1981, Graeme Souness 1984, Steven Gerrard 2005

When was St Emlyn's created?

St Emlyn's was created in 2003.