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2008-2009 season, it means this year, beat lakers 4-0 to win. Denver the King of Nuggets

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Q: When did Denver nuggets win the western championship?
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When did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA Championship

Did the denver nuggets ever win an nba championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA championship

Did the Denver nuggets ever win the NBA championship?

No, they have not

How many nba championships did the Denver nuggets win?


What are the most games the Denver Nuggets win in one season?


How many championships did the denver nuggets win?

Zero including their stint in the ABA.

What year did the nuggets win a NBA title?

They have never won an NBA championship

Who would win between the Chicago Bulls and the Denver Nuggets?

The Chicago Bulls would win because of Derrick Rose!!

How many more games do the denver nuggets need to win to clinch a playoff birth?


Oldest NBA team never to win title?

The Denver Nuggets were one of the four American Basketball Association teams (along with San Antonio, New Jersey, and Indiana) that entered the NBA in 1977. They have not won an NBA Championship. They also did not win a championship in the ABA. They were known as the Denver Rockets in their first season in the ABA, which was the 1967-1968 season. The Phoenix Suns entered the NBA in 1968 and have not won an NBA championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers both entered the NBA in 1970 (the Clippers were the Buffalo Braves) and have not won an NBA championship.

How many times have the Denver Broncos win the championship?


Who is going to win the 2008-2009 NBA championship?

Either Nuggets or Magic either one and maybe the Caveliers

Did the Denver Broncos win the 2005 Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, The Steelers defeated the Denver Broncos 34-17 in the AFC Championship game played in January 2006.

Who did Denver play in the only overtime game ever to be played in an AFC Championship?

The AFC Championship game for the 1986-1987 season went into overtime. IN that game, the Denver Broncos defeated the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland, 23-20 for the win.

What year did the Texas western win the NCAA basketball championship?

In 1966, Texas Western 72 Kentucky 65

What is the conclusion for glory road?

The Texas Western Minors Win the National Championship

Will the lakers win the finals?

It is entirely possible for the lakers to win the NBA championship. They are about to enter the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. If they win, they will face the winner of the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic series. They won the championship last year and can win again.

What year did the Denver Broncos win their first AFC championship?

The 1977 season when they defeated the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship game. The Broncos lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XII, 27-10.

Did Utah jazz ever win a championship?

The Utah Jazz won the Western conference championship in both 1997 and 1998 but got beat in the NBA Finals both times by the Chicago Bulls.

Where is the 2008 nba championship being held?

Currently (May 5), that is yet to be determined. The teams that advanced in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs are Cleveland, Detroit, Orlando, and Boston. One of those teams will win the Eastern Conference and play for the championship. The teams that advanced in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs were New Orleans, San Antonio, Utah, and Los Angeles. One of those teams will win the Western Conference and play for the championship.

What is largest number of assists in single NBA game?

Scott Skiles of the Orlando Magic holds the record for the most assists in an NBA game. On December 30, 1990 he dished out 30 assists in a win over the Denver Nuggets.

Did suns phoenix ever win a championship?

No. The Suns have yet to win a championship.

In Remember the Titans- do the Titans win the state championship?

Yes, they do win the state championship.

First unranked team to win the championship?

This was the first unranked team to win the championship

How do you win nuggets from McDonald?

by giving them more custromers