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Wilford Daniel "Danny" White (born Febuary 9, 1952) The Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the third round of the 1974 NFL Draft, but were mainly interested in him as a punter, so he chose to sign with the World Football League's Memphis Southmen for a better offer. White shared the quarterback position with John Huarte, helping his team reach the semifinals as a rookie and a second place finish in 1975. During these two years, he passed for 2,635 yards and 21 touchdowns in 30 games, and also lead the league in punting his last year. In 1976 he signed with the Dallas Cowboys after the WFL folded. Through 1979, White was the Cowboys' punter and backup to the team's star quarterback Roger Staubach. After Staubach's retirement following the end of that season, White became the Cowboys' starting quarterback, and for a few years did double-duty as the punter, until sometime in 1984. 1988 was his last year with the NFL as a player. In 1992, he became a Coach in The Arena Football League.

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Q: When did Danny White play for the Dallas Cowboys?
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