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Since Walker was playing for the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League at the time, the Cowboys used a fifth-round pick in the 1985 draft to claim rights to him. As it turned out, the USFL folded, and Walker was available to play for Dallas in 1986.

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Q: When did Dallas draft herschel walker?
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What round in the draft was hersc hel walker selected?

herschel walker was drafted in the nfl draft in 1985 round 5 pick 114 by the dallas cowboys

In which round did the Dallas Cowboys draft Herschel Walker?

Herschel Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, left the University of Georgia after his junior year to join the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. In the 1985 college draft, the Cowboys used one of their two fifth-round picks to obtain the National Football League rights to Walker. In 1986, Walker became a member of the Cowboys after the USFL folded.

Who was the runningback of the Dallas Cowboys 1986-1989?

Herschel Walker.

What celebrities have dissociative identity disorder?

Former Dallas Cowboy Herschel Walker

What NFL team did hershel walker play for?

Herschel Walker's first season in the NFL was 1986 with the Dallas Cowboys.

What was the first NFL football team Herschel Walker played for?

Dallas Cowboys in 1986.

Best trade in Nfl history?

This varies from person to person, but i'm going to say the trade of herschel walker from the dallas cowboys to the minnesota vikings for a multiple of players and draft picks. This trade led to the dallas cowboys being the team of the 90s

Where does herschel walker live?

working hard and taking care of his family

Cowboys player traded to vikings for 5 veteran players and 8 draft choices?

Herschel Walker

Why wasn't herschel walker eligible for the 1984 nfl draft?

Herschel Walker was eligible for the 1984 NFL draft. However, Walker was already playing professional football at the time, for the New Jersey Generals of the now defunct USFL. Walker was the star of the USFL. Unlike the NFL at the time, the USFL allowed college juniors to enter their draft. The NFL draft eligibility requirements at the time stated a player was un eligible until his college class had graduated. So Walker entered the USFL draft in 1983 one year before his NFL eligibility kicked in. Why wasn't he drafted? Simply put - No NFL team exercised their rights to draft him in 1984. However in 1985, things were a bit different. The USFL was involved with an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL. To some owners in the NFL is was apparent the USFL was not going to last. The Dallas Cowboys took a chance and secured the rights to Walker by drafting him with the 114th overall selection. When the USFL folded, Walker signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

When was Herschel Walker born?

Herschel Walker was born on March 3, 1962

Who does Herschel Walker play for in 2007?

Herschel Walker retired in 1997.