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Dale Jr. began driving for Hendrick Motorsports at the start of the 2008 season.

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Q: When did Dale Earnhardt Jr. move to Hendrick Motorsports?
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Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. move to Hendrick Motorsports?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. moved to Hendrick Motor Sports because his contract with DEI expired and he signed up with Hendrick Motor Sports so he could race.

What was Dale Earnhardt Jr's previous car number?

Dale Jr. previously drove the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet for DEI. He switched to the #88 in 2008, when he made his move to Hendrick Motorsports..

Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. stop driving the number 8 car?

Dale Jr. wanted to keep the #8 when he made his move to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008, but his former team owner wouldn't allow it. Junior originally drove for Dale Earnhardt Inc. (DEI), who was owned by Junior's stepmother Teresa Earnhardt. She refused to release the #8, so Junior chose #88.

Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. go to Hendrick Motorsports?

He wasn't allowed much in the form of decision making at DEI, and he had a close friendship with Hendrick and his late Son, It was the obvious move. I to am happy he did. Answer Because he's a smart guy. Let's face it Hendrick's got it figured out. Gordon and Johnson are great drivers, (especially Gordon), and Hendrick's domination in the last 10 years is unquestionable. Also, the Hendrick team has figured out the Car of Tomorrow, and have won nearly all those races this year. Junior wants to drive for a winner. And you can writhe and Nash your teeth all you want, but this is a winning team. At last, Gordon and Junior are teammates. Yeah. I like it. What do you think all the hillbillies with summer teeth are going to think of their boy Junior now? Their faith in the system must be really in doubt. It's a great move for Hendrick, it's a great move for Junior, and now we'll have a product in the Hendrick team with him replacing Kyle Bush, that isn't so unpredictable. Yeah, Jeff and Junior. What a team.

How did Dale Earnhardt Sr. earn the nickname The Intimidator?

Dale Sr. earned the nickname "The Intimidator" due to the fact that drivers were intimidated when he was behind them on the race track. They knew if the black #3 was closing in behind them they had to move over, if not, he would do it for them.

Did Dale Jr move from Mooresville NC to somewhere else?

He still lives in Mooresville, North Carolina. He owns a property called Dirty Mo Acres

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