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Cy Young's only World Series was the first World Series played in 1903 between Boston and Pittsburgh. He won two games and lost one as Boston beat Pittsburgh 5 games to 3 to win the first World Series.

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He pitched in the year 1903.

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Q: When did Cy Young pitch in the World Series?
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How many World Series rings does Cy Young have?

One Cy Young was a member of the Boston Americans that defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1903 World Series, the first World Series played in MLB history.

Who was the first man to pitch in world series game?

The first baseball playoff to be called a "World Series" was the 1903 series between the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the first game, the starting pitchers were Deacon Phillipe and Cy Young. Since the Red Sox were the home team, and the visiting team bats first, Cy Young would have been the first person to throw a pitch in a game that would be considered part of a World Series.

When was the first time cy yound pitched in the world series?

Cy Young pitched in the very first (20th century) World Series for Boston, in 1903.

When will the 2009 Cy Young Award be decided?

The Cy Young Award winners are voted on at the end of the regular season but, not presented until after the World Series

When do they announce the Cy Young awards?

Typically about a week after the World Series ends!

Cy Young pitched in World Series?

Cy Young pitched in the first World Series in 1903 for the Boston Americans (Red Sox) and had a record of 2-1. He also pitched in the 1892 National League Championship Series, before there was a Word Series. (The Beaneaters beat the Spiders)

How many World Series titles did Cy Young win?

One, the 1903 World Series with the Boston Americans (Red Sox).

Did Cy Young pitched in the World Series?

Yes. Young pitched in four games in the first ever World Series (1903) for the Boston Americans against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Is the Cy Young Award based on the regular season only?

Yes. Voting for the Cy Young Award occurs shortly after the regular season ends and the winners are announced after the World Series.

Why did they name the cy young award after cy young?

because cy young consistently won 20+ games in a season a pitched more innings in a season consistently than any pitcher nowadays could even dream of and he has the most wins of all time 511 as well as games started innings pitched and complete games and he lead the Boston Americans to the first ever world series win pitched the first world series pitch and had the first perfect game in the American league

What Yankee won the Cy Young award and the world series MVP in the same year?

Whitey Ford in 1961.

When was the first time the Boston Red Sox went to the World Series?

The first time the Red Sox went to the World Series, and it just so happens was the very first modern World Series was 1903. They were known as the Boston Americans at that time and we had the original "Cy Young" award winner himself, Mr. Denton True "Cy" Young, who pitched 3 games that series, winning 2.