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2nd October 2010

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โˆ™ 2011-01-24 05:53:43
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Q: When did Collingwood last win the grand final?
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Who will win the 2010 grand final?


Did any team win the afl grand final from bottom position previous year?

No, it hasn't happened. The closest was Collingwood which went from last in 1976 then drew the grand final in 1977. Collingwood lost in the grand final replay.

Will collingwood win the 2011 grand final?

I Really hope they do!

How many games in the season did collingwood win in 1929?

Collingwood won 18 of 18 home and away games in 1929. Collingwood won one final - the grand final.

When did collingwood win the afl premiership last?

In 2010, against St. Kilda - they romped it home the second time, after a Grand final replay due to a drawn first Grand final.

Has Collingwood won a grand final?

Yes. Collingwood has won 15 Grand Finals altogether - only Essendon and Carlton have won more, in fact. By the commencement of 2011, Collingwood had won the previous year's grand final play-off - in 2010 - marking their 15th such win.

When did Collingwood lose only 1 match in a season?

In 1929 Collingwood won all 18 home and away games. The only match the lost was a semi-final to Richmond. Collingwood went on to Win the grand final.

Who won the 1966 vfl grand final?

st kilda football club won the 1966 vfl grand final by 1 point win over collingwood

Who will win the 2009 afl grand final?

collingwood are a great chance and they will flog any team carn the pies

How many games did collingwood win in 1927?

15 (of 18) Home and Away matches and 2 finals including the grand final.

What year did the Western Bulldogs last win a grand final?

1954 - when known as Footscray Bulldogs. That has been their ONLY grand final win.

What year did Penrith win their last Grand Final?

In 2003.

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