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The current Cleveland franchise was born out of a promise by the NFL to replace the franchise after Browns owner left Cleveland and moved the team to Baltimore, becoming the Ravens. The team name, history, colors, etc. were left there by legal agreement between Modell and the city, and the new team was located there for the 1999 season.

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Q: When did Cleveland get there current team and where did the team come from?
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Where were the Browns located before they moved to Cleveland and what was the team name?

The current Cleveland Browns are an expansion team that entered the NFL in 1999. They replaced the Cleveland Browns that moved to Baltimore in 1996 and became the Ravens. That team began play in the All American Football Conference in 1946 as the Cleveland Browns and entered the NFL in 1950 as the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has never had an NFL team move there from another city. But they have had two teams move to another city. As stated above, the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996. There was another team in Cleveland, the Cleveland Rams, that began play in the NFL in 1937. That team moved to Los Angeles in 1946 and, eventually, to St. Louis in 1995.

Where did the new team come from after the colts left Baltimore?

The Baltimore Ravens were the former Cleveland Browns

Where can someone find a current roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

You may find the roster for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the official NBA website. Simply go to the rosters section and find the team which you are looking for.

What is the name of the basketball team in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

What baseball team plays in Cleveland?

Cleveland Indians

What state does the Cleveland Cavaliers come from?

the Cleveland cavaliers come from Cleveland, Ohio. (the state is Ohio.)

How could one get a Cleveland Cavalier to come to visit children at an elementary school?

its easy. I'm apart of The Cleveland Cavalier Orginization. If you would like a member from the team send me a message =].

What were the Cleveland Browns called before they were called the Browns?

the Cleveland BulldogsAnswerthe Bulldogs were Canton's football team. there was a Cleveland Bulldogs franchise at one point when a Cleveland businessman bought the Bulldogs and combined them wih the Cleveland Indians, which he already owned and changed the Indians name to the Bulldogs. but it was a separate franchise and was never in anyway connected to the Cleveland Browns. the Browns have always been called the Browns since the team was founded in 1946. However, before that, Cleveland's NFL team was the Rams, who moved to Los Angeles after the 1945 season making way for the Browns, who started in the AAFC and then were brought over to the NFL in 1950.

What is the team salary for the Cleveland Indians?

The Cleveland Indians's 2014 team salary is $81150800, 25th in the MLB.

What is the sport team in Ohio?

Basketball: Cleveland Cavaliers Football: Cleveland Browns + Cincinnati Bengals Baseball: Cleveland Indians Soccer: Columbus ????? and I think there might be a Cleveland Team also Hockey: Toledo Walleye + maybe a Columbus team

What was Cleveland's first Basketball team?

Cleveland Barons an AHL team from 1937-73. They can be traced back to 1921 as the Cleveland Indians.

What town has the team the Indians?