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Q: When did Chris Hoy start cycling?
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What does chris hoy do in the Olympics?

Chris Hoy does velodrome cycling for the Olympics.

What does Chris Hoy compete in?

Track cycling.

How old was chris hoy when he started cycling?


What is Chris Hoy doing in the Olympics this year?


How long has chris hoy been cycling for?

2 years

Who won the mens cycling sprint in Beijing Olympics?

Chris Hoy

Who are the past medals winners for cycling?

chris hoy jamie llamaz

How did chris hoy get interested in this cycling?

beacause he saw fintans bresticals

Which film inspired chris hoy to take up cycling?


What qualities did chris hoy have as a top athlete?

He was determined

Who won 3 gold medal in cycling for the Olympics 2008?

Chris Hoy.

UK gold medallists Beijing 2008?

Chris Hoy of cycling and Rebecca Arlington of Swimming.