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Q: When did Cher sing national anthem at Super Bowl?
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Did Cher sing national anthem at super bowl?

Yes, at Super Bowl XXXIII.

Who sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV?

Jordin Sparks of American Idol fame.Jordin Sparks sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XLII in 2008.

Who was the opening act for Beatles at the Hollywood bowl in 1964?

Sonny and cher

What did Cher Lloyd sing on week 2 of The X Factor?

In the second week of the X Factor live shows, Cher Lloyd sang Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)" by Jay-Z.

What are the release dates for My Super Sweet 16 Presents Exiled - 2008 Cher Panama 1-9?

My Super Sweet 16 Presents Exiled - 2008 Cher Panama 1-9 was released on: USA: 11 November 2008

The Sir Douglas Quintet played at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965 at a Sonny and Cher benefit concert who else played at the concert?

Buffalo Springfield

Is Cher Lloyd the hotest and most sucsessfull singer?

Yes, she is. acctually, she's a super star if you dont like her your out of taste.

Cher and Cher alike?

Cherlyn is her real name and Cher is in it.

What is Cher doing now in 2012?


What is Cher's full name?

Cher does not have a middle name, therefore her full name is 'Cher Lloyd'.Cher Lloyd

What is Cher's nationality?

Cher is American (and ethnically Armenian)

Cher in France what it is in English?

Cher's name and the word Cher of the french language are not related but the word Cher in french means "expensive".