When did Chelsea last win the double?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Chelsea have only ever won the double once in season 2009/2010

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Q: When did Chelsea last win the double?
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Yo do you think Chelsea will win nothing?

Chelsea will win something again this year, will it be a double?

Is Chelsea playing on Saturday?

Chelsea play this Saturday the 15th of May 2010, in the F.A. Cup final. The match is taking place at London's Wembley stadium against Portsmouth F.C. Chelsea are favourites to win after claiming the league title last week; if they do they will become the seventh team to win the English double.

Who scored a double for Chelsea in their win over arsenal on 29th nov 09?

diego costa

What is 'Chelsea will win' when translated from English to Italian?

"Chelsea will win!" in English means Chelsea vincerà! in Italian.

Who will win the premier league 2010?

Its now and only between the big three: Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Man U have played worse than last season.they are rubbish all the time Arsenal are the losers at the mo! Chelsea will win just because they are the best! so it would be chelsea!

In football who win Chelsea or everton?

Defintly Chelsea

Who will win between tottenham vs Chelsea?


Who did Chelsea win 8 nil in the premier league in the finals?

In the final game last season,it was wigan if that is what you mean.

Who will win mu or chelsea?


Who were the last team to win The Premiership and FA Cup Double?


When did Chelsea win the premiership?

2005 and 2006.

Who is is going to win the Fa cup?