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cuz he wanted to get back at the freakin packers!! (couldn't do that with the Jets now could he!)

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On July 28, 2009, Brett Favre told the Vikings he would remain retired. Then on August 18, 2009, he officially signed with them anyway.

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cause he wanted to always go there with Adrian Peterson now and the packers forced him to go to the jets 2 years aga

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Q: When did Brett Favre go to the Vikings?
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Brett Favre played with the Jets for one season then went to the Vikings

Will the vikings start Brett Favre?

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Is Brett Favre dead?

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Did Brett Favre ever bean the vikings in Minneapolis?


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12 million

What team is Brett Favre currently on now?

The Minnesota Vikings.

What team is Brett Favre playing for in 2009?

The Minnesota Vikings

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