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somewhere around when aaron rodgers got drafted.. so about 04 ish

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Q: When did Brett Favre first think about retiring?
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Which famous NFL players have worn number 4?

Brett Favre and Bobby orr are the only players I can think of.

Is Brett Favre awesome?

It only depends on what you think.

How many games did Favre play hurt?

Brett Favre played 3 hurt games with the green bay packers, i think!!! BRETT WHO????

What quaterback played in the most Super Bowls?

I think Vinny Testaverde he was in the NFL for 21 years

Who you think is going to win the Super Bowl this year?

Brett Favre

Should the cover of Madden 2009 be Devin Hester?

Brett Favre is the cover boy, but i think Devin Hester should have been. But Brett Favre is deserving since this IS madden's 20th game.

How do you unlock Brett Favre in Madden for Wii?

In order to unlock Brett Favre in Madden 09 Wii, you have to switch the packers to a past team. Brett Favre will then appear. PS you spelled Brett Favre Wrong

Which Green Bay Packer player scored the most TDs as a Packer?

Brett Favre I think?

The oldest quarterback in the NFL 2009?

I would think it would be Brett Favre.....not real sure though.

Do you think Brett Favre will retire as a viking or traded before he retires?

Seeing him in his career with them, I'm saying as a viking.

Does Brett Favre chew?

yes cherry skoal. He says it in his book. If you watch Favre 4 Ever he says on the side lines to one of the coaches "what do you think MIke would do if he knew i had a dip in?"

How long do you think Brett Favre will play in the NFL?

Brett Favre currently has one more year remaining on his 2 year contract with the Vikings. Whether or not he will complete the contract is anybody's guess. Most likely we will not know until right before the start of the '10 season.