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1996 when they moved from the Big Sky Conference (1-AA) to the Big West Conference (1-A).

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Q: When did Boise State football change from Division 1-AA to Division 1-A?
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Who did boise state play for the 1980 division 1-AA Football national championship?

Eastern Kentucky. Boise State won that game 31-29.

Which NCAA division 1A team has most consecutive wins at home in college football?

Boise State

When was Boise State Broncos football created?

Boise State Broncos football was created in 1933.

Which collage football team won the National Championship in 1980?

Division I: Georgia Division I-A: Boise State Division II: California Poly Division III: Dayton source:

What is the nickname for the Boise State football team?

It's the Boise State Broncos.

Why is Boise famous today?

It is the capital of Idaho, and the Boise State Broncos (a good college football team) are from Boise.

Who has Alabama not played in football?

Boise State University.

What was the last football game lost by boise state?

Ohio state

What is the football record between Boise State and Southern Mississippi?

As of the 2008 season, Boise State and Southern Mississippi have met only once in football. On September 27, 2007 Boise State defeated Southern Mississippi, 38-16.

Who is the team captain for the Boise State University baseball team?

Boise State lacks a sound educational system as well as a collegiate baseball team. Their primary focus is to have the best football team in the absolute worst division in collegiate football. You will have no problem becoming captain if you figured out how to post a question on an Q&A forum.

What is Boise State's football Stadium Called?

Bronco stadium

Where is Boise State University?

Boise State University is located in Boise, ID on University Dr. between Broadway and Capitol Blvd. Boise is Southwest Corner of Idaho. The football team of BSU is the best!