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Q: When did Bobby Moore stop playing for west ham?
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When did Bobby Moore start playing for West Ham?


What team did Pele and bobby Moore play for?

Bobby Moore played for two English clubs, West Ham and Fulham, and two American clubs, San Antonio Thunder and Seattle Sounders.

What number shirt did bobby Moore wear for west ham?

Well he played for West Ham for 16 years so he may wore more than one number, but am sure he wore number 6 as West Ham retired number 6 in 2008 for Bobby Moore. West Ham United have officially retired the number 6 shirt that was Bobby Moore Cup Imageworn with such distinction by Bobby Moore for both West Ham United and England. The retirement took place on the 9th of August 2008.

Who was West Ham United's Player of the year in 1966?

Bobby Moore.

Did Motherwell Fc play against Fulham FC in the 1970' and did Bobby Moore plat against them?

No I think that Sir Bobby Moore played for West ham and his number was 6.

What number for England was bobby Moore?

His jersey number was 6. The same number he had at West Ham.

Who played for West Ham in 1966?

Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters were just a few players who played for West Ham in 1966.

Three players from which London club played on the England world cup winning team of 1966?

They were Bobby More West Ham, bobby Charlton, Manchester united and Gordon Banks Stoke.

What football club did Gordon banks play for when he won his 1966 world cup medal?

It could be West Ham with Bobby Moore as well.

When and where did baseball player Charley Moore play?

Charley Moore debuted on April 16, 1912, playing for the Chicago Cubs at West Side Park II; he played his final game on May 13, 1912, playing for the Chicago Cubs at West Side Park II.

What team does bobby Moore support?

He played for lots of teams: Manchester United Preston North End Waterford United England Schoolboys England Youth England Under 23 England Senior

Are Shane west and Mandy Moore married?

Is shane west and mandy moore married yes or no