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The Bullets moved to Capital Centre for the 1973-1974 season and were known as the Capital Bullets. The next season they changed their name to the Washington Bullets.

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Q: When did Baltimore Bullets become Washington Bullets?
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What is the original name of the Washington Wizards franchise?

they used to be called the "Bullets" ----- The Chicago Zephyrs moved to Baltimore in 1963 and became the Baltimore Bullets. They moved to Washington in 1973 and became the Capital Bullets which was changed to the Washington Bullets in 1974. The name was changed to Wizards in 1997.

What year did the Baltimore bullets leave Baltimore?

The Baltimore Bullets final year was 1954.

When did Baltimore Bullets - EPBL - end?

Baltimore Bullets - EPBL - ended in 1961.

When was Baltimore Bullets - EPBL - created?

Baltimore Bullets - EPBL - was created in 1958.

What was the original name of the Washington Wizards?

Packers. They had this name for only a year before they changed their name to the Zephyrs, and then changed towns and names again. Original name of the Washington Wizards is the Chicago Packers. They became the Chicago Zephyrs the next season. They moved the next season and became the Baltimore Bullets. They became the Capital Bullets and Washington Bullets before becoming the Washington Wizards.

Where did George Washington Carver become famous?

on baltimore

Did Michael Jordan play for the Washington bullets?

The Washington Bullets is now known as the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan played with the team while it was known as the Bullets from 2001 to 2003.

Who won the NBA championship in 1948?

Baltimore Bullets

What is Baltimore's basketball team?

The Baltimore bullets who won the championship in 1946 and then in 1963 they became washingtons team

Is the Washington Monument in Baltimore Maryland?

No, the Washington Monument is not located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is located in Washington, D.C.

Does Maryland have NBA team?

No, but the Washingon Wizards used to be the Baltimore Bullets.

When was Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors created?

Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors was created in 1986.

Where is the Washington Village Branch in Baltimore located?

The address of the Washington Village Branch is: 856 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, 21230 2344

How did the Washington Bullets get their name?


Has an eighth seed in the nba ever won a title?

Yes the Baltimore Bullets

Who was the first pick in the 1953 NBA Draft?

Ray Felix by the Baltimore Bullets

Who was the first pick in the 1954 NBA Draft?

Frank Selvy by the Baltimore Bullets.

What teams did Earl Monroe play for?

baltimore bullets and new york knicks

Who did the Milwaukee bucks beat in the 70-71 nba finals?

Baltimore Bullets

What team is closest to the redskins by Washington?

Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore is about 40 miles from Washington, DC.

What is the Airport name in Baltimore?

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI)

How many miles is it from Baltimore MD to Washington DC?

41 miles taking I-95 (or the BALTIMORE-WASHINGTON PARKWAY) SOUTH.

What is the address of the BWI Airport?

The Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport serves Baltimore and Washington DC. The street address is 7062 Elm Road, Baltimore, MD21240.

What is the closest airport to Baltimore MD?

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI)

What is the closest airport to Baltimore Maryland?

Baltimore-Washington International, or BWI.