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The first modern-day Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece on April 6, 1896. The 2004 Summer Olympics were also held in Athens from August 13th to August 29th.

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Q: When did Athens host the Olympics?
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Two time host of the Olympics?


Who was the host of the1896 summer Olympics?

athens greeg

What was special about the decision to have Athens as host city for 2004 Olympics?

It is the birthplace of the modern Olympics.

Which city host 2012 Olympics?

In 2008, Beijing, China hosted the Olympics. London is scheduled to host the 2012 Olympics.

What country hosted the Olympics?

China more specifically beijing, china

Which city was home to the first Olympics?

It depends on what era of the Games that your talking about. The Ancients Olympics were held at Olympia, hence the name Olympics. And in the 1800s, when the Modern Olympics started; Athens was the first city to host the new Games.

What country has Olympics Mythology Athens?

Athens did not have Olympics. It was hosted by Elis.

When did Auckland host the Olympics?

Auckland did not host the Olympics

Where were the 2004 olympic games held?

The 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.The 2004 Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.The 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.

What Australian person is Competing in the Olympics Synchronized Swimming?

Australia's duet and team did not qualify for the Olympics. They performed in Sydney by default as the host nation, but could not swim at the Athens or Beijing Olympics because they needed higher scores at international competitions to do that.

When did morden olympics start?

The first modern Olympics was held in 1896 after the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, voted to host the games every four years. The 1896 Olympic Games were held in Athens.

In what year was the Olympics held in Athens?

2004 was the year the Olympics were held in Athens.