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Q: When did Anthony Blatner make the fire engine?
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What would make a 1999 GMC suburban miss fire?

It could be a bad sparks plug or timing belt which would make it miss fire.If you do not have fire to the proper place in the engine, it will cause a miss fire due to the firing system of the engine.

Why is it not appropriate for children to make fire engine noises in the library?

Unless it is storytime (and the book is about firetrucks), it usually isn't appropriate to make fire engine noises because doing so will be disruptive for others who are using the library.

In what order does the engine fire?

That would be the firing order which varies from one engine to the next. We need to know the year, make, model and engine size to help you.

If a pickup truck catches fire in the engine will the truck explode when the fire gets to the gas tank?

No. A fuel tank will not explode just because it is on fire. However, it will feed the fire and make it worse.

How does the fuel ignition engine work?

The gas and water mix up and heats up to make fire.

How do you make a sentence out of engine and boldly?

Though the engine was on fire, a man boldly rescued a child from the car.Despite that the car engine scared the cat, she boldly walked by with her tail held high.

Did Rolls-Royce make a 1920 fire truck and is there any photos of one?

Rolls Royce did make a fire engine (truck) in 1920. One was purchased for Borough Green and District. The above vehicle was converted to a fire truck in 1933. It did no leave the Rolls factory as a fire truck.

What colors do you mix to make fire engine red?

Red is a primary colour. You can't make it with any other colour.

What noise does a fire engine make?

whether its weo weo weo weoor weeou weeou weeou weeou

What wrong when car not getting no fire?

Nothing, cars are not suppose to be on fire. Not getting no fire is a double negative. What you are really saying is that you have fire. Assuming you mean the car has no fire (no spark) it could be from many things. We need to know the year, make, model and engine info to help you.

How many revolutions does the crankshaft have to make in order for all the cylinders to fire in a four-stroke cycle v8 engine?


Does John Deere make fire trucks?

no, they do not make or market their own brand name of fire equipment... However, collectors have restored antique engines and trucks with the john deere painit scheme. dig around the net, and you will find pictures! john deere might also make engine that go into fire trucks