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Prior to the 2010 season, that was October 27, 1990 in Tuscaloosa with Penn State winning, 9-0.

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Q: When did Alabama last play Penn State in the regular season?
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What was the last year Alabama played penn state?

Through the 2009 season, that was the 1990 season when Penn State defeated Alabama, 9-0, in Tuscaloosa.

How many times have Alabama and Penn State versed each other in college football and who has the most wins?

Through the 2008 season, Alabama and Penn State have met 13 times with Alabama leading the series, 8-5. Their last meeting was in 1990 and was the end of a 10 season stretch where the two teams played each other every season.Alabama and Penn State are schedule to meet again in the 2010 and 2011 regular season.

Where does Penn State rank among football wins?

7th, after Michigan, ND, Texas, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State At the end of the 2007 regular season, Penn State ranks 6th with 789 wins. Ohio State is 5th with 798 wins and Alabama is 7th with 786.

What is Alabama's lifetime record against Penn State?

This series between the two schools is at 13 games played with Alabama leading the all times series with 8 wins to 5 losses. The year and the score for each and every game played between the two schools is listed below ... 10/27/1990 Alabama 0 Penn State 9 10/28/1989 Alabama 17 Penn State 16 10/22/1988 Alabama 8 Penn State 0 9/12/1987 Alabama 24 Penn State 13 10/25/1986 Alabama 3 Penn State 23 10/12/1985 Alabama 17 Penn State 19 10/13/1984 Alabama 6 Penn State 0 10/8/1983 Alabama 28 Penn State 34 10/9/1982 Alabama 42 Penn State 21 11/14/1981 Alabama 31 Penn State 16 1/1/1979 Alabama 14 Penn State 7 12/31/1975 Alabama 13 Penn State 6 12/19/1959 Alabama 0 Penn State 7

Win-loss record penn state vs Alabama?

Through the 2008 season, Penn State is 5-8 against Alabama in football. The teams played all 13 games in the series between 1959-1990.

Score in Alabama vs penn state in 1982?

October 9, 1982 in Birmingham: Alabama 42, Penn State 21

When did Penn State last play Alabama in a bowl game?

Through the 2008 season, that was the 1979 Sugar Bowl won by Alabama, 14-7.

Since the 2000-2001 Season the wolverines have won two regular season home games in overtime The opponents were?

Michigan State & Penn State

What is Penn state's all-time record vs Texas in football?

3-2. Penn State won a regular season game in 1989, the 1972 Cotton Bowl, and the 1997 Fiesta Bowl. Texas won regular season games in 1984 and 1990.

Will the University of Alabama play Penn State in 2010 in football?

Yes. Alabama will host Penn State at Bryant-Denny Stadium on September 11, 2010. Alabama will also play Penn State in Happy Valley on September 10, 2011.

What is penn state football all time record vs Alabama football?

Penn State is 5 wins and 8 losses against Alabama.

When was the last time Penn State opened its season away?

The 2013 football season will be the next time the Penn State Lions with open the season with an away game. Penn State will battle Syracuse, in the opening game.

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