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Q: When di Stanley Matthews play his last game of football?
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Who is the oldest footballer ever?

Stanley Matthews played his final game for Stoke City on February 6, 1965. He was 50 years and 4 days old. The official record is held by John Ryan the owner of Doncaster Rovers Football Club. He brought himself on as substitute in the last minute of a game in 2003 aged 52 years, 11 months. Making Stanley Matthews look like just a schoolboy at a youthful 50!!

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the last game is called the "final" this is for the Stanley Cup

What is the last game in hockey postseason called?

stanley cup

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A junior high football game usually last around 48 minutes.

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Verb :)

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When was the last time a Stanley Cup final game 7 went into overtime?

The last time a game 7 overtime was in 1954, the detroit red wings being the victors

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Who was the last team the Edmonton Oilers played for the Stanley Cup?

I assume you mean the Stanley Cup? It was last season's champions, the Detroit Red Wings.

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