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It doesn't matter that it is a blocked extra point or an interception or a fumble recovery, if either team scores by possessing the ball in their end zone, it is a 'two-point conversion.'

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Q: When defense blocks the extra point and returns for touchdown for two pointswhat is that called?
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How many points are earned in college football when the defense blocks an extra point and returns it for a touchdown?


What is the points of a blocked field goal return?

If the defense blocks a field goal attempt and is able to pick up the ball and return it to the end zone it is a touchdown. It would be considered the same as if they picked up a fumble and returned it for a touchdown. Therefore it is worth 6 points.

How many points are scored if the defensive team blocks the extra point and returns it for a touchdown?

None. During an extra point attempt only the team attempting it can score any points. If the defensive team blocks the kick it becomes a dead ball. The above is true EXCEPT in college football. In college, the defense can return a blocked extra point or a turnover during a 2-point attempt. If the defense can return it across the opposing goal in one play, they are awarded two points. If they fail, the try is over and the ball is kicked off as usual.

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Is it a touchdown if the defensive team blocks a punt and recovers it in the endzone?

Yes it would be a touchdown. If the kicking team recovers it and is downed in the endzone or the ball goes out of bounds in the endzone the defensive team will get a safety and receive the ball via free kick.

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