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That is exactly why they changed the color of tennis balls...

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Q: When colour tv started is not an answer to your question i asked when yellow balls replaced white in tennis?
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When and where tennis started?

Tennis was started in the Victorian times in England.

What is mason shoemaker?

the question is not what he is but who he is. He is a freking amazing tennis player and i could go on and on but once i get started there is no stopping me

Which country started road tennis?

Road Tennis was started on the island of Barbados

What is the color of the lines on a tennis ball?

the colour of the lines on a tennis ball is WHITE

What colour is a tennis ball?


Why did nadal start playing tennis?

He started playing tennis 'cause he liked tennis.

How long was tennis around for?

Tennis started in 1the 1850s.

What colour is the table tennis?

blue and white

When and where did tennis started?

who- French monks started tennis. when- 11th & 12th century. where- France, 900 years ago.

In 1873 where did tennis start?

Lawn Tennis started in Wales in 1873

How does tennis get started?

By serving

Where did the tennis started?


How is a game of table tennis started?

it started by ping pong

What paint is used on table tennis tables?

green blue what ever colour you want the table colour to be

Are you allowed to wear white in table tennis?

I don't think it really matters what colour you wear in table tennis.

Where did tennis first start?

The version of tennis we know now started in France

When did Andy Murray start tennis?

he started playing tennis at the age of 5

Can you use a racquetball racket to play tennis?

You CAN use a racquetball to play tennis. The real question here is: "Should you use a racquetball racquet to play tennis?" The answer to that question is no, absolutely not.

Who started Wimbledon tennis?

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club started wimbledon.

When was tennis began?

Not completely known. It is believed to have started centuries ago. but at that time it was real tennis not the tennis we play today.

What are some colors Tennis balls come in?

tennis balls usually come in the colour of bright yellow. it's basically the usual color tennis balls are seen as.

What colour is a tennis court?

Purple no green seriously your stuipid

What colour is the US Open tennis court?

Grass green

When did tennis balls turn yellow?

1972 for colour television

How did Rafael Nadal get started with tennis?

Well tennis is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. Combined that is uncle is a tennis coach he was bound to play tennis.