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You cannot be in an offside position when...

you are on your own half of the field

you are further from the opposing goal line than the 2nd last opponent (or even with)

you are further from the opposing goal line than the ball (or even with)

You cannot be guilty of an offside offense...

directly from a throw-in

directly from a goal kick

directly from a corner kick

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You cannot be called offside if, at the moment the ball was last played by a teammate, you were nearer to your own goal than the ball or the second-last defender or the halfway line. You also cannot be called offside directly from a goal kick, kick-off, corner kick, or throw-in. Finally, you cannot be called offside, even if you are in an offside position during play, if you do not become involved in the play by playing the ball, interfering with an opponent, or gaining an advantage from that position. Naturally, you cannot be called offside during a dead ball, or before or after a period of play, or when not actively participating in a match.

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Q: When can you not be offside in soccer?
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Can you be offside from a kick out in soccer?

You can't.

In soccer is it offside or offsides?

Its called Offside, or being in an offside position. Being in an offside position, in and of itself, is not a foul. The foul occurs when the ball is PLAYED to the PERSON in an offside position. You can be "passive", not involved in the play, in an offside position and there is no foul.

What are all the words to do with soccer that start with O?


In soccer what do you have to avoid?

being offside, and being tackled

When was the offside rule for soccer invented?

The Cambridge Rules, written in 1848, first introduced the concept of offside.

Which winter sport has an ''Offside'' rule?

hockey, indoor soccer

Can the hands put a player offside in a soccer match?


Can you get a card for being offside in soccer?

No. This is not a cautionable offense. There are other things that can happen simultaneously to the offside call that could be. But being offside would never be a listed reason for a caution.

Which sports have an offside rule?

Sports such as ice hockey, field hockey, American and Canadian football, soccer and rugby have an offside rule.

Can the hands put a player in an offside position in a soccer match?


Can a player be offside in soccer if not in the play?

A player CAN NOT be called for an offside infringement if not "active in the play" however you can be "active in the play" without playing the ball. A player CAN be in an offside POSITION with out being "active in the play."

What is the difference between onside and offside players in soccer?

An onside player is any player who is not in an offside position, as described in Law 11. Offside players are penalized if they become involved in active play.

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