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As soon as the ball goes up and out of the referee's hand you may jump up sky high to get it!


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Q: When can the jumper grab the ball on a jump ball in basketball?
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What is Jump Ball Area?

The jump ball area is in the centre of the basketball court.

Held ball in basketball?

Results in a jump ball.

What did the Referee in basketball do after every basket in basketball until 1937?

Jump ball

In basketball if you and the opposing team have the ball what is the call?

Jump ball

What does a basketball game start with?

with a jump ball

How is a game of basketball started?

Jump ball

How is the basketball game started?

A jump Ball!

What is a basketball game started with?

jump ball

How is a basketball game stated?

with a jump ball

What is it called when both basketball teams have their hands on the ball?

Jump ball

What do you do when there is a held ball in basketball?

you should have to jump the ball to look for your teammate

Which player jumps for the ball in basketball?

Normally, the center would. But in the case of a jump ball, the player that was fighting for possession of the ball will jump.( what he said)

Is it considered a steal in basketball when there is a jump ball and change of possession?

If they actual jump ball takes place then yes. If the jump ball results in an alternating possession then no steal is awarded.

What happens at the start of play in basketball?

a jump ball

What is the Dunk in Basketball?

you jump up and throw the ball in

Does a basketball game start with a jump ball?


What the rule of when a basketball gets stuck on the rim?

When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball. When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball.

Can you strip the ball in basketball?

NO... you would have to steal it ... stripping the ball like in football would Intel that you wrestling for the ball in basketball they will call it a foul or a jump ball if you try to strip it ...

When is a jump-ball used?

At the beginning of a Basketball game or during a "held ball" situation!

What happens if 2 players have a ball in their hand in basketball?

the refferee calls a jump ball

What is the filexibility in basketball?

in basketball you have to be able to jump and move your body in a way to steal the ball or get it in the basket.

What is the action called that begins a basketball game?

Jump Ball

What year did the jump ball rule change in basketball?


What happens if 2 players catch the ball at the same time in Basketball?

a jump ball is called

When does a jump ball occur in basketball?

At the beginning of the game in the NBA. In all basketball games, at the start of the game. In an NBA Game, the jump ball is also used during a "held ball" situation----both teams have a player holding the ball at the same time for about three seconds.