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All players can move once the ball is out of the shooters hands.

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Q: When can an offensive player move during a free throw?
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When is a free throw awarded?

A free throw is awarded when a defensive player makes a foul upon an offensive player when the offensive player is attempting to shoot. A foul is given if a defensive player: - takes hold of an offensive player - pushes an offensive player - hits an offensive player

How many seconds in the free throw lane is a violation for an offensive player?

three seconds. Three in the key.

Can a player talk to the shooter of a free throw during a foul shot?


Is in every basketball foul under the basket a free throw?

only if the offensive player is in the act of shooting when fouled, or if the defensive team is over the foul limit when they foul the offensive player.

When can you substitute a player in basketball?

You can substitute a player after a free-throw, during a timeout, or when the ball is dead and the clock is stopped.

Can a player place a foot in the air inside the lane during a free throw?

i am about 85% sure that you can have your foot in the air across the free throw line. Ref Morgan

When is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw usually occurs when any player is fouled by a player of the opposing team.

What is the big square on the free throw line do?

If you're referring to the "lane" or the "paint" it is the rectangle formed from the free-throw line, and perpendicular lines that extend from the ends of the free throw line to the endline. The official rule is that an offensive player cannot have any part of his body inside this "lane" for more than three seconds, otherwise a three-second violation is called. Also, when an offensive player is shooting a free-throw, no players can enter the lane until the ball hits the rim (High School rules).

When does a player enter the free throw lane after a free throw is shot?

When the shooter release theball

Why are free throws important?

Free throws are important because they are the perfect time for players to rest and they allow many teams to retaliate especially if the team is great at retrieving offensive fouls off of free throws which gives teams three chances to score.AND 1 then free throwAND 1 then missed free throw and then a offensive rebound to an easy lay upA foul followed by a made free throw then a missed free throw then an offensive rebound into an AND 1 and an additional free throw

Is it illegal to throw the ball off the backboard on a free throw?

It is not illegal to throw it off the backboard, provided that the ball hits the rim at some point. Any time a player does not hit the rim during a free throw attempt (whether it is inadvertent or not) he forfeits his free throw attempt, even if he has one or more free throws forthcoming.

In basketball what is the point system?

A shot behind the three-point line will result in three points to the offensive team. a shot/lay-up/dunk inside the three-point line will result in two points to the offensive team. if a player gets a "free throw" then each free throw is worth one point to the offensive team.

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