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when a player is disrespecting the umpire. or purposely hurts another player.

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Q: When can a baseball player be ejected?
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Is it an automatic out when an ejected baseball player position comes to bat?

no... because if player on the roster is ejected the coach must immediately substitute that player for a player on the bench

When does the referee call an out in basketball?

Never, a player can not be called out since it is not baseball. But a player can be ejected from the game

What happens when a football player is ejected?

He is ejected and may be fined or suspended, but the game he is ejected from he can not return to that game

Does a player have to leave the field after being ejected?

Yes, that's essentially what being "ejected" means.

Can a player be ejected after the final out of the game?


Can a player receive a technical after being ejected?

After being ejected, a player may receive a technical if they refuse to leave or continue to harangue the officials or players.

What player has been ejected the most?

Pete rose

How many ways a player can be ejected in basketball?


What baseball manager got kicked out of the most baseball games?

Bobby Cox was ejected from 132 baseball games

Do baseball players get fined for being ejected from the game?

No Bob Iadicicco

What is the highest number of baseball players ejected from a single game?


How many fouls do you get before being ejected?

Why would you be ejected for fouling too much? There's no limit to how many foul balls a player can have.

Do you miss a game if a NBA player is ejected?

No, you miss 100 games.

What is the red card in soccer?

It means a player has been ejected from the field of play.

What most baseball brawls turn into?

baseball brawls usually turn into people getting ejected and highlights on ESPN

Has anyone ever been ejected from the major league baseball all-star game?


What baseball manager got ejected second most?

Probably Earl Weaver he was a legend.

An ejected participant shall leave the grounds and have no contact with the umpires or participants in the?

game of baseball

In Major League Baseball 10 the show can you get ejected from the game?

In "MLB 10 The Show," yes you can get ejected from the game however the ejection can be the result of a player arguing a call with 1 of the umpires or it can even be the result of an umpire throwing a pitcher out of the game because he was throwing at too many hitters.

How many fouls does a payer get until the player is ejected in basketball?

it is 6 dude/dudette

What happens when the basketball player commits 2 technical fouls?

He is ejected for a week or if in a tournament he is ejected for it all. However if a coach gets 2 technical fouls he shall be fired.

Is a major league baseball manager fined when he gets ejected from a game?

Usually, but not all of the time.

Does a baseball pitcher earn the win if he is ejected?

If he has pitched at least 5 innings, he can qualify for the win.

The 4 Major League Baseball players never ejected in a baseballgame?

Actually, there are several. The top six, categorized by number of games, are as follows:Stan Musial — 3,026Willie Mays — 2,992Brooks Robinson — 2,896Robin Yount — 2,856Tony Perez — 2,777 (ejected once as a manager in 2001)Derek Jeter — 2,744

What is meant by a disqualifying foul in basketball?

A disqualifying foul is one that causes the player to be ejected from the game.