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That is a factor of what you are building it out of and how big it is. There is no way of knowing without more information. Will it just be supporting itself or is it to be a trellis?

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Q: When building a pergola what is the maximum distance between posts?
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What is the difference between a pergola and a gazebo canopy?

Typically the primary difference is that a pergola is attached to a building or a lattice. A gazebo, on the other hand, is a free standing structure. This is the big difference.

How do you build a pergola?

A pergola is a small structure that is probably more decorative than useful in keeping out rain and sun. See related links for building information.

What is the standard spacing for pergola rafters?

I am building a pergola attached to the house. My span from house to support posts is 15 ft. What size raters should I use to prevent sagging?

Where can pergola design ideas be found?

I want to build a pergola. Where can I find some ideas for pergola designs?

What is the difference between a canopy and a pergola?

The difference between a canopy and a pergola is very minimal. It's all in the way it is set up. They both offer shade from the bright sun, and will keep cool during the summertime.

How tall is Vinnie Pergola?

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What is the difference between a pergola and a trellis?

A trellis is a flat framework against a wall to train and support a plant. A pergola is a framework forming an arch or a tunnel to support plants.

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The Benefits of Building a Pergola?

>Add a PergolaA pergola is a decorative and practical structure to add to a piece of property. They are available in different designs and sizes to suit the tastes of a property owner. The following highlights some benefits of building a pergola.A pergola makes for a beautiful addition to a garden. In fact, many of them fit right in with the lovely atmosphere of a garden. Some homeowners even decorate their garden pergolas with vines and morning glories. Home owners can set up chairs beneath the pergola to enjoy the blooms in their garden. They may put a fountain or a rock garden near the pergola to add even more interest to the area.A pergola is also an attractive structure to put next to a swimming pool. It becomes an area where adults and kids alike can gather to watch the swimmers. Some people put tables and chairs beneath the pergola to enjoy a snack or a card game on a summer afternoon. There are pergolas available that coordinate with swimming pools of various styles and colors. A pergola with an appealing design can easily become one of the highlights in a pool area.Whether it's in a garden or poolside, a pergola can add a great deal of interest to a piece of property. A real estate agent who's selling a family's home would certainly include a pergola as one of the selling points of the property. They add an element of elegance to their surroundings. Potential buyers touring the home and property are sure to notice the pergola right away. Many of them may begin to make plans on what to put beneath the pergola to make the place feel more inviting for their family. In short, a lovely pergola in a yard is a hard thing to overlook.Finally, there are a lot of things a home owner can do to add a personal touch to a pergola. Some people hang wind chimes, plants, and even flowing curtains on them. Others paint them interesting colors. A pergola is the perfect canvas for the decorating ideas of imaginative home owners.

When was Vinnie Pergola born?

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How do I design a garden pergola?

The HGTV website offers a lot of information on designing a pergola garden. You can access the site at

Where can one find pergola designs online?

I would really like to design my own pergola. Are there any resources online?

When was Sergio Della Pergola born?

Sergio Della Pergola was born on September 7, 1942, in Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Choosing The Perfect Pergola Kit?

Pergola kits come in many different varieties. Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass are the most common materials used to create a beautiful Pergola, but there are other materials out there. It just takes a bit of research to find them. For those that like to stick with what works, vinyl pergolas are always in season. To select the perfect vinyl pergola structure, it’s necessary to find a company that has a few key characteristics, the first being the offer of a lifetime guarantee for the structure. When a company offers a lifetime warranty on a product, especially a building structure, it’s certain that the company is confident its product will stand the test of time. For your pergola, time is what counts. The structure itself is fairly simple. A pergola kit will include everything you need to make the pergola of your dreams. People choose to install these structures for many different reasons, one of those reasons being to protect a home or other building against wind damage. There are some pergolas that are able to withstand winds of up to 60 mph, making them a wonderful guardian angel for a treasured home. Wind damage can be particularly devastating to homes made of certain materials; so many people choose the pergola for practical reasons. Other people just love the way a pergola livens up a garden. The cleaning of a pergola can be relatively easy, and the best part of all is that cleaning is the only maintenance a pergola will ever need. They’re extremely durable and able to withstand weather elements and other environmental factors. There are many different types of pergola kits out there, so it’s necessary to really take time in making the decision of which material is the best for your particular situation. Many people prefer the classic pergola look while others want kits that represent a new era of pergolas. The specific design is up to you, but most of all, it’s important to select a company that will stand behind their product with the lifetime guarantee that was mentioned earlier. There is nothing more important than selecting a pergola kit seller that knows they’re offering you the very best product available.

What does a pergola kit cost?

between 10-1000 it depends where you get it at and if your willing to get ripped off. you definitely need to do your research before spending the money

How do you install a pergola?

This link shows a few videos that will walk you through an install for a Western Timber Frame Kit. These technique can be used for almost any pergola purchased.

What is Custom aluminium and composite timber pergolas?

Extend your outdoor living area with quality bespoke aluminium and timber look pergolas. Designed to look great, our modern pergola designs are perfect for Dubai living. With a range of pergola options, from simple fixed aluminium pergolas, European pergola designs, through to composite wood pergolas that look like timber, we have a range of design options to suite your exact pergola and cabana needs.

Where can I find plans to build a pergola?

You can check at or at the last one mentioned gives you free plans and also building instructions.

What are the types of garden?

green house, pergola and gazebo