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It's called the foul line. If you step on or over it you'll get a big, fat F for foul and you'll only have one shot to get down the pins.

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Foul Line

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Q: When bowling what line are you not allowed to step on?
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What is the line you are not allowed to step on when bowling?

It is called the Foul Line

What is a foul in bowling?

a foul is when you step over the black line when the floor meets the bowling lane

What happens if you step across the foul line in bowling?

A score of zero is used for the ball and any pins knocked down do not count.

What is the heaviest ball allowed in sanctioned league bowling?

In tenpin bowling, the lightest weight bowling ball allowed in sanctioned play is 6 pounds.

Are you allowed to bend your arm when bowling?

No you can not.

How do you prevent being off balance at the foul line on a bowling lane?

Your timing is off. It sounds like the ball is getting ahead of you. One solution is to change from a 4 step to a 5 step delivery.

Are you allowed to get things engraved in bowling balls?

Yes, you are allowed to get things engraved into a bowling ball. For example, you can get your name, last name or a nickname into the bowling ball. You can't get a picture engraved into a bowling ball because once it is engraved, it stay's that way. When you get a picture in a bowling ball, it takes away the purpose with the bowling ball.

What are the rules and regulation in bowling?

There is a very high number of bowling rules, for a list of these rules one can visit the Unites States Bowling Congress website and locate the rules there. is the name of the website.

When overarm bowling allowed first time?


When was Bowling Green - IRT Lexington Avenue Line - created?

Bowling Green - IRT Lexington Avenue Line - was created in 1905.

Where to buy bowling ball?

there might be some on-line or at some Bowling Ally or something

Is the player is allowed to step on the line when serving in volleyball?

no. if you touch the net the other team gets a point, and when the other team is serving you have to be in the court but after the ball is served you can step on and over it