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If you work out 4 days a week you should work each muscle group twice a week.

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Q: When body building how many times a week should you train each muscle?
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If your goal is to build up muscle how often should you strenght train?

3-4 times a week

What does greek worriers use to eat to train for muscle building?

Gofers and pygmy marmasets!

How many days a week should you train for muscle endurance?

3 to & days a week.

What can make building muscle faster?

Your diet and the muscle repairing itself after the workout. It will only repair and grow stronger if you eat well, include quality protein, and allow plenty of time in between workouts for rest and recover. This is why you should not weight train every day.

How many times a day should you train a dog?

Well, first you should train them 200 times a day. It should be a 2 hour increment and have fun while you do this. Your dog will learn fin 50 days.

How to train a boy?

you should love him at all times take care of him

How did ancient Greek people train for wrestling?

Practice in the gymnasium and eating a lot of meat for muscle building - something unusual in a normal diet based on bread.

How do you excersice without building muscle short muscles that bulk easily how to train and not gain muscle mass?

The best way to exercise without building "short muscles" is swimming, running and other cardiovascular exercises. The best possible exercise for your joints, while toning your body is swimming.

How many times a week does gymnastics train?

They should at least train once a day, 1-2 hours and work on their flexibility.

Where did Katniss and Peeta Mellark train for the hunger games?

They trained at the mansion building where the drunk previous winner was giving them tips and facts about what they should and should not do.

How long should you train for a marathon?

If you a 70 kilograms you should train for 4 months running 10 km in the morning a going to the gym 3-5 times a week.

How do you train differently for toning or muscle mass?

train light for toning and heavy for gaining train light for toning and heavy for gaining

What is the duration of weight training?

In order to build muscle mass you should train for up to and no more than 45 minutes at a time, otherwise you are doing edurance training rather than building muscle. Try training upper body one day, have the next day off, then the day after tdo your lower body. This way your body has time to recover from the workout, and you train your whole body evenly. hope this helped =) Alex, 17

How do you become a bodybuilding trainer?

To become a bodybuilding trainer you have to understand how the body works. You have to make sure you know what exercises will train which muscles. Also make sure you know about muscle building.

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What are smooth skeletal and cardiac muscle?

smooth muscle is used in a train of thought (brain is need in the act) cardiac muscle can be found in the heart skeletal muscle moves your bones

Is a muscle that is exercized stronger than a muscle that is not?

Yes. eg. If you do weights on your left arm for 3months and don't do weights on your right arm, your left arm should become stronger. Protein helps your body to gain muscle bulk (muscle weighs more than fat). For your muscles to be able to "grow" they also need to rest, so train about 3 to 4 times per week at first, and then maybe 4 or 5.

Which of these would be one key to muscle gain?

Train With Progressive Resistance

How do you train your dog to jump of a building?

First of all, you need to train him to jump from an edge to an edge with a short distance very much. Then you have to make the distance taller then taller, and after that he may get used of it and jump from building to a building .

How do you train the aponeurosis muscle?

There's no such structure as an "aponeurosis muscle." There are a number of muscles that have aponeuroses, and each has a different approach for strengthening.

For how long per day should you train a 2 year old dog?

I would train 6 times a day for about 10-15 minutes every session.

How often should you weight train?

4 - 5 days a week should be fine on an average. If you are a mass building cycle (Lifting heavy and trying to put on weight and muscle) then 4 days workout and 3 days rest would be good. If you are a size cutting/shaping up cycle (Lifting medium and trying to lose fat and weight and retaining muscle) then 6 days workout and one day rest would be good.

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Do you gain muscle by stretching?

No. It will help manage new muscle mass keeping you flexible but it doesn't directly affect muscle growth. Train for strength and eat for mass.

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