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Port to port is the preferred method passage in most cases, however it is not always possible or practical. Also in crossing situations it maybe unsafe to arrange a port to port passage. I have seen plenty of acceptable starboard to starboard passages.

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port to port

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port to port

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Port to port

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Q: When boats are heading towards each other which way do they pass is it port to port or starboard to starboard?
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What side of a boat is a starboard on?

If you are facing the front (bow) of a boat, starboard will be on your right. If you are facing the back end (stern) of the boat, starboard will be on your left. The opposite side of the boat is called "port" because on boats with steering oars, the oar was located on what we call the starboard side, so the boats would tie up to the dock on the other "port" side of the boat, i.e. the Port they were tied up to was situated to the "port" side of the ship.

Planet x heading to earth?

There is no planet heading towards Earth. All the planets have well defined orbits. and will not impact each other in the foreseeable future.

Why are passing boats pulled towards each other?

It could be that the people steering the boats are each looking at the other boat, and there is a tendency to turn slightly toward the direction of your gaze. The same thing happens while driving a car. It's also possible that with fewer stationary reference points, there may be an illusion that passing boats are pulled towards each other, even if they move straight ahead and at a distance where wake would not be an issue. After all, if the boats are passing, they are in fact approaching each other up to a point. The boats will point their bows directly into the others wake to avoid a rough ride. I do point my boats bow towards the oncoming boats path but not until it has passed. This is important to smaller craft because if they didnt make this adjustment, the wake of a larger boat can capsize the smaller one. Answer to the question "Why are passing boats pulled toward each other?" When the two boats pass each other the water between them flows faster than that on the outer sides. According to Bernoulli's theorem "when velocity of a fluid increases the pressure decreases". Therefore the pressure between the boats is less than that on the other two sides. The greater pressure on the outer sides push the two boats towards each other.

Where did the term starboard come from?

The old vikings used ships that had the rudder hanging off one side, the rudder was basically shaped like a board. A board to steer with = steer board = starboard. And it was always on the same side of the boats, leaving the other side free to tie up against a dock.

What must you do if you see another vessells red and white lights off your starboard?

Their port side (red) is towards you. Their white light, plus the red light, allows you to believe the other boat is off your starboard side (green). Provided they are not getting any closer, and the position of the Red and white light doesn't change (towards you) you can assume there will not be a collision

What does one short blast of a boat horn indicate?

One short blast of a boats horn can mean a couple of things.Horns are used to communicate with other boats to avoid collisions.If you are overtaking a boat from the rear, one short blast will let the other boat know that you are going to pass them on the starboard side, two blasts indicate passing on the port side. The other boat should return your one blast, or two blasts, to let you know that they are aware of you and acknowledge your intentions.If you are heading straight towards another vessel, one blast will indicate you intentions of passing port to port. If you pass starboard to starboard then two blasts are required. The last situation is if you are going to be crossing in front of another boat. Remember, the boat coming from the right has the right of way. Giving one blast lets the boat to your right know that you see them and are going to give way to them, again all these signals should be acknowledged by the other vessel. If you do not receive a return signal, assume they are either drunk or do not see you. These rules are for inland waters, such as lakes rivers, bays, harbors and the like. Different rules may apply when you are on the high seas.One short blast of a boat horn means that the boat is altering course in a starboard direction. One long blast means that the boat is nearing a bend and cannot see oncoming boats.

What should you do to avoid colliding with other boats?

What you did to avoid colliding with other boats

What is a type of boat that pulls other boats?

Tug boats

What is an air boat and how does it differ from other boats?

Air boats are powered by either an aircraft or automotive engines that's why it differs from the other boats.

Where is the starboard on an army tank?

"Starboard" is a term used for watercraft primarily, though there's no rule which says it can't be applied to other vehicles, and indeed it often is (namely aircraft). If you were in the vehicle, facing the front, the starboard side would be to your right.

What are the rules of sailing?

The main rules are as follows:1. Avoid collisions at all cost (even if you've the right of way, you can be penalized for not doing everything possible to avoid a collision)2. Port boats give way to starboard. (boats with the sail on the right get out of the way of boats with their sail on the left) Windward boats keep clear of leeward boats. (boats nearest the source of wind must give way to boats below them)4. Give Water. Boats must give room to other boats when going round an obstacle. (can't run someone into a lighthouse or rocks etc..)for more detail, just ask.hope this helps

What is the name of the system where people on boats us their arms to talk with other boats?


What are the differences between a person with good wellness and one heading toward premature death?

People with good wellness are generally happier, and they have good health in all six aspects. But a person heading towards premature death may be depressed and suffering from diseases and other health problems.

What color is starboard light?

A starboard running light is green while the port side running light is red. furthermore, looking toward the front of the vehicle (airplane,ship) starboard is right and port is on the left. these lights are used to determine the heading of the vehicle. if you are looking out across a distance and u see green on your right and red on your left the vehicle is either stationary or moving in a parallel direction as you are. similarly, if you see green on your left and red on your right chances are you are facing each other and a change of course may be needed to avoid a head on collision.

Why Fishing Boats are different than normal boats?

Fishing boats are mainly made for fishing, with the right equipment and room to store the seafood, fishing boats are not made for comfort whereas other regular boats are.

Rules for Olympic sailing?

Same as the rules for any other sailing, Starboard boats have right of way, the windward boat gives way if on the same tack, and over taking boat keeps clear. look at wikipedia under 'racing rules of sailing' for a more extensive answer

How did the English defeat the Spanish Armanda?

They brung Hell boats to seperate the other boats and Hell boats also looked like or were on fire.

Why do you have a lighthouses?

so that it scans the sea with light to stop boats from hitting rocks and cliffs and other boats.

What is the purpose of the navigation rule?

To keep boats from running in to each other, hurting people and damaging boats.

What is a heading factory?

I have found articles indicating that "heading" has something to do with kiln-dried lumber but other articles indicate that a "heading factory" has something to do with production of nuts, nails and similar fasteners. I have an uncle circa 1912 who was a foreman in a "heading factory."

How can you use the position of the sun to figure out the direction you are looking?

Real basic...the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you face the morning sun your left hand points north, your right hand points south and your back it to the west. If you are facing the afternoon sun your right hand points north, your left to the south and your back is to the east. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Before solar noon if you are heading towards the sun you are heading east and away from is west. If you know your compass points you can figure north and south off of your other positions. The opposite is true after solar noon. If you are heading towards the sun you are then heading west.

Which boat must maintain course and speed when two boats are operating near each other?

When two power driven vessels are meeting or crossing, the vessel that is to the starboard (right) is the stand on vessel. The stand-on (privileged) is to maintain course and speed. Please refer to the link below on the "Stand on" vessel.

What other vehicles does a barge depend on?

Tug boats,

What is your primary responsibility when other boats are in your area?


What are the types of boats?

ocean going liners,tug boats,scooners,yachts lunches and other water crafts.