When ballet started?

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Ballet started in the 1500's with what is considered to be the first ballet called "Le Ballet Comique de la Reine" which is French for "The Comic Ballet of the Queen".

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Q: When ballet started?
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Where ballet started?

Ballet started in France, which is why all ballet terms are in French.

Who started classical ballet?

Russia started ballet..............................

When was ballet introduced to Russia?

Ballet was not introduced to Russia, that's where ballet started

How was ballet developed?

I am not quite sure how ballet started, but I do know that ballet either started in France or Russia. Why can't you look this up?

What dance has a french name but started in Russia?

The ballet was actually french, but was started in Russia

Who did ballet when it started?

Ballet was started by the Russians but then adopted by the French who gave names to all the steps.

What person started ballet?

not one person really started ballet. But, i would have that king Louis the 14 of France helped originate it. okay what is ballet

What country ballet started?

Ballet started in Italy and was later brought to France, where king Louis named the steps, and many ballet schools were opened.

Where did Romantic Ballet Start?

romantic ballet started in the 1800's.

Where and when did ballet orginate?

Ballet started in Italy and quickly migrated to France

Which country did ballet start in?

Ballet started in Europe then spreaded throughout the country

Why was ballet so popular in France?

because that's wher ballet started

Did ballet start in Italy?

No. It started in France

What has a french name that started in russia?

A Ballet

How many years ago did ballet start?

Ballet first started in the early 1600's

Where did ballet first occour?

Ballet (basically) in Italy, but started to evolve into the ballet we know today in the courts of King Louis the 14th of France.

Is ballet start in France?

No, it actually didn't, even though the Classical Ballet words are in French. Classical Ballet first started in Italy!

What dance started in russia but has a french name?


What dance started in russia that has a french name?

A ballet

What dance started in Europe but is named in French?

The ballet.

Who was first person to start ballet theory?

Louis the XIV started the first ballet school in France

Was ballet from France?

No, it originally started in Italy, but ballet moves names are French, because it was so popular there.

What is a sentence for ballet?

"My little sister started ballet classes last week because she loves to dance."

Where was water ballet started?

Difficult to say, but the very first recorded water ballet was 1891 in Berlin, Germany.

When was the first ballet school started?

In 1661 by Louis XIV